Are Twitter Chats The Future of Twitter Marketing?

Despite the raw number of courses on the market, Twitter is pretty straight forward.  It’s like public text messaging, which can be really cool, or really annoying depending on your mood.

Recently, a new way to use Twitter popped up, and is growing like gang busters.  If you’re savvy enough, you can capitalize on this new craze called “Twitter Chats”

What are twitter chats

According to @angieatkinson:

Twitter chats work sort of like online chat rooms, only they are conducted within the Twitter interface. Each chat is focused around a particular topic and is hosted by one or more tweeters. Chats have unique hashtags to designate them from the rest of the tweets in your stream, and are generally scheduled for a particular time of day. From what I have seen, scheduled chats typically last for anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours, though most seem to go for about one hour.

Basically, Twitter Chats are like a town hall meeting on Twitter.  You can gather around any subject and get a concentrated stream of good info an interaction woith people looking for the same.

Why is this cool?

Think about it, the main drag on Twitter for brands is that they don’t want to sit around all day an chat with random people all day to eventually build a relationship.  Well what if you could sit on Twitter for one hour
and meet a ton of people that you can build relationships with during the rest of the week.  Would Twitter then become a great tool? Probably yes. In short, Twitter chats make Twitter more targeted for brands who are new to the platform, or just short on time.

How do you start one?

I don’t think anything has even been so easy. To start your own Twitter chat, just go to this link and add your chat, time, and website link to the spreadsheet.  After that, just advertise and show up!  Easy peasy.

How to use them for your brand?

As a participant, Twitter chats give you the opportunity to show your expertise on a particular topic and make tons of  new connections in a short period of time.  For service oriented brands looking to create a community of potential clients, this is a great way to make an awesome first impression.

As a chat owner though, you have the ability to create the platform that a specific topic flows through.  If you own #blogchat, then you will always be associated with that topic on Twitter, which is an opportunity to brand yourself with a particular industry.  For a successful example, check out #pr20chat, hosted by a good friend of Fandura, Heather Whaling.

What are you really getting at?

Well…I liked Twitter chats so much that I wanted to start my own, so Fandura will be introducing #FanPageChat on Tuesdays at 7PM EST.  We’d love to see you there!

Take a minute and connect with the superstars of this blog post:

Have you used a Twitter Chat recently?  If so, which one?

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