Why the ‘Like’ Button is Ruining Your Fan Page

Mark calls it, “The Lust for Likes”.  Facebook call’s it a business model.  I call shenanigans.  What I’m about to say to you may shock you, you may want to sit down…

Getting ‘Likes’ on your fan page is useless.

Actually, it’s worse than useless, it’s detrimental.  Not to your physical (digital) page, but to your mind.  Chances are, you’ve already been corrupted:

I know what you’re thinking, those are just uneducated scammer marketers, social media professionals know better, it’s all about engagement to them!   

Nope, not really.  I see more request for likes from dedicated social media managers than I should. The world has an infatuation with getting more and more likes.  I figured that I must be missing out on some grand plan, so i decided to do a little investigation on the value of a ‘Like’:

Even if you disagree with my analysis, you have to agree that ‘Likes’ are the least valuable of the 5 types of engagement that I described in the video.  Why no outcry for more wall posts?  No tagging tantrums?  No comment catastrophe?

The answer is the same as it’s ever been, we as marketers want the most for the least.  And for decades, old media allowed us to throw money at a large audience and see what stuck.

Today, you can throw money at a fan page campaign, and your fans will tell you exactly where to stick it.

How often do we give a half hearted effort, and expect full-hearted results?  We need to be better at learning what our fans want, and giving them that.  Not deciding what we think they should have, and hoping they like it.

Every time you see a fan page that hasn’t been updated in a month, every page that has nothing but the owner posting day after day with no response, every page that locks their fans out from posting on their wall is a testament to the fact that we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that it all stops at the ‘Like’.  It doesn’t.

It all starts at hello.  And if your fans haven’t said it to you yet, then you haven’t started.

How can we make it better?

First, you can join our latest call and find out how to get your fans active (completely unapologetic for the shameless plug)

If that doesn’t work for you, then you need to start to care more.

You can’t fight Wal-Mart on price, but they can’t fight you on service.  You can’t magically have as large a following as Coke, or Pepsi, but you can have a deeper relationship with each of your fans than they can ever dream of.

Want to make money from Facebook?  Good, give people a reason to give it to you.  Not your reason that you came up with at your business planning meeting, but one that they came up with due to their needs.

How do we figure that out?


Why is the Like button ruining your page?

Very simple, we’re viewing the ‘Like’ button as a finish line instead of a midpoint.  Everyone’s making a welcome tab, but no one tells their fans what to do after they like the page…so they do what they’re told…nothing.

We have to understand that the ‘Like’ button only helps Facebook.  It allows them to have a (damn good) advertising system that can benefit your brand if you use it.  Unfortunately, many of us are not, which makes our infatuation with the ‘Like’ button all the more maddening.  As marketers, we need to work on what matters, and to do that, we may want to develop a healthy hatred for the ‘Like’ button.



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